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Dear customers,

Since I have to go outside my country from August-September 2018, then Athaya Store will be closed during this time. You can still make order on Athaya website, but order during this time will be shipped on 1st October 2018.

Thank u very much for your support and sorry for this inconveniences.

Best regards,

Adrian @AthayaVintage

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Dear customers,

Due to Indonesian Public Holiday from 9th June - 24th June 2018, then Athaya Store will be closed during this time. The last order on this early June is on 7th June 2018 (will ship on 8th June 2018).

You can still make order on Athaya website, but order during this time will be shipped after holiday which is on 25th June 2018.

Thank u very much for your support and sorry for this inconveniences.

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Adrian @AthayaVintage

Athaya Vintage AV002 - Lamafa Stainless Steel Bracelet February 13 2018, 0 Comments

Dear all,

We just finished producing Stainless Steel Bracelet for Athaya Vintage AV002 - Lamafa Diver Watch.

This bracelet can be ordered separately with the watch. You can order this bracelet on this links : Order Lamafa Bracelet

Bracelet Specifications :

  • Style : Oyster style bracelet
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • End link : Solid end link
  • Lug size : 20mm


Best regards,

Adrian @AthayaVintage

[REVIEW] Worn&Wound: Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Review June 11 2015, 0 Comments

By: Christian Kriegeskotte
Photo credit: Zach Weiss

As the weather gets warmer, the presence of the ever popular dive watch seems to balloon exponentially. Of course, it could only be a question of visibility, as people transition to short sleeves and tank-tops and outdoor activities. The essential accessory for that warm weather, sporty look often reliably rests on the wrist with a watch that looks good and functions in and out of the pool or the ocean. With so many falling into what is affectionately called the “beater” category, it seems easy to find a satisfying look with which it isn’t too difficult to part if it drops off your boat into the Sound or winds up under a dumbbell at the gym.

On the higher end of the spectrum dwell watches such as the familiar Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster, followed on various price tiers by brands such as Squale and Zodiac, and most visibly with the classic line of Seiko divers. Inspired by the latter, a small, upstart manufacturer known as Athaya Vintage, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has released its second offering to the world, closely modeled after the ever popular Seiko 6105-8110 in a limited batch of 500 pieces. As Athaya Vintage’s website remarks, the AV002 “Lamafa” Dive Watch makes no pretense at being a totally unique design, but is an homage to its Seiko forebear with a few twists of individuality.

While the sleek, shark-like lines of the hefty, stainless steel case and pebbled texture of the rubber strap are near duplicates of the Seiko 6105, the AV002 is by no means a counterfeit or pure look-alike. The name, Lamafa, pays tribute to an ancient clan of whalers from the Eastern part of Indonesia, native to the village of Lamalera. This waning group of traditional hunters pursue their prize with hand-thrown bamboo spears, leaping from wooden boats and risking their lives in individual combat with these animals, ultimately utilizing every piece of their bounty as sustenance for the village.


Their prey is restricted to Sperm Whales by local folkloric tradition, which dictates that a Blue Whale once saved the ancestors of the villagers from drowning and is therefore protected from the harpoon. To memorialize this compelling piece of national pride, the AV002 bears two different engravings on the case back (depending upon whether the buyer chooses the black model or the blue model) illustrating a Lamafa whaler leaping into the air, harpoon in hand. One version of this engraving shows the whale, the other just the whaler.

Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Review

ATHAYA_VINTAGE_LAMAFA_FACECase: Stainless Steel 316L, Brushed
Movement: Seiko NH35A
Dial: Sunburst Blue or Sunburst Black
Bezel : 120 clicks, Unidirectional
Lume: Swiss C1 Superluminova
Lens: Domed Sapphire
Strap: Blue or Black Rubber
Dimensions:  44.3mm x 48mm
Thickness: 13.5 mm
Lug Width: 20mm
Crown: 8 x 5 mm
Warranty: N/A
Price: ~$350

Case and Movement

As mentioned above, the case of the AV002 is a hefty, solid, stainless steel clone of the well known Seiko 6105. The quality in manufacturing is immediately apparent, from the moment it leaves the handsome, leather zipper case within which it ships. Enclosing a handsome sapphire crystal with beveled edges (giving the slight illusion of having a domed surface) the unidirectional bezel, which makes 120 crisp clicks, feels strong and secure. The lettering is clean and precise and even with wet hands or under water it is easy to manipulate.


The screw-down crown, sealed with triple O-rings, is offset at four o’clock, and is signed with the clever Athaya Vintage logo; the letters AV reimagined in the shape of pendulum-driven escape wheel. The movement is the Seiko NH35A, which features hacking seconds and the desirable ability to wind the mainspring by hand using the crown. In terms of accuracy, the model I was provided ran just slightly slow, but stayed within a minute of accuracy over the course of a week. The high rate of pulsation of the NH35A also makes for a very attractive and satisfyingly smooth sweep in the second hand.


The dial of the AV002 is simple and utilitarian, keeping in line with the practicality of other divers, but deviating more significantly from the inspiration of the Seiko 6105 that inspired it. There are two varieties, sunburst blue or sunburst black, the color of the dial matching a corresponding bezel insert. The hour markers at twelve, three, six and nine are slender triangles pointing toward the central axis, alternating with clean circles at the remaining hours. All the markers are applied, outlined attractively in stainless steel and filled in with white Superluminova, which glows effectively in low light though does not retain much illumination over time.


The date window is offset to align with the crown, interrupting the hour markers at four o’clock. In terms of branding, the dial is quite clean, with only the Athaya Vintage logo below the twelve o’clock marker, and the name Lamafa in stylized lettering suggestive of the whaler’s harpoon accompanied by “automatic” and “200m” water resistance indications. Minutes are marked by clean, white lines and along the lower radius of the dial, flanking the six o’clock marker is the model number (AV002) and the movement (NH35A). The fully lumed hands make no compromise on quality and individuality, somewhere between straight batons and flanged swords, the second hand is particularly attractive, with a luminescent rectangle set back an appealing distance from the tip.

Straps and Wearability

In order to give the best assessment of what is billed as a sport watch, I gave the AV002 a rather extreme “week on the wrist” test. I resolved not to take it off even once and wore it to bed, in the shower, to the gym and, perhaps most uniquely, while engaging in my weekend hobby of cave exploring, which involves clamoring through tight passages, wading through waist-deep water and operating in near total darkness surrounded by rocks and rubble. In the end, I found this watch to be incredibly comfortable and reliable. I am not a huge fan of rubber straps in general, and the durable, rubber strap included with the AV002 feels somewhat more like hard plastic. Nonetheless, it was never uncomfortable and always felt totally secure on the wrist. After my experiment had concluded, I was able to easily swap out the strap with a blue and silver NATO, which (for me) greatly enhanced the appearance and feel.



Weighing in at a very accommodating $350 direct from the manufacturer, this watch is a great alternative for the casual collector looking for a dressy diver that won’t break the bank or succumb to the elements. The AV002’s inspiration piece, the Seiko 6105-8110, can be found on eBay for an average price of around $1,500, so as a well-built, somewhat unique alternative, the AV002 is a steal while it lasts. The individuality that Athaya Vintage has achieved by using this piece to tell the story of the Lamafa whalers, making this watch distinctly Indonesian, pushes it into its own category, giving the wearer a cool story to tell that goes beyond the object itself and inspiring confidence that as Athaya Vintage continues to grow, their lineup will expand in exciting ways. For the time being, the small scale niche of this off-the-beaten-path venture will assure you that few others will be wearing the same watch in the immediate vicinity, and will certainly start a conversation or two.

Complete source : Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Review

[REVIEW] Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Diver Watch - A homage with an iconic DNA June 11 2015, 0 Comments

By: Meor
Photo credit: Meor

The famous Seiko 6105 divers of the 1970 - 1977 (two important years in my life; the year I was born and the year I entered formal schooling) was one of the most iconic dive watches the world have had the chance to behold. It was built for a purpose without any irrelevant bells and whistles. This made it one of the most cost effective dive watches around. A legend was born.

Personally, I love the asymmetrical cushion-shaped casing and the simplicity of the dial. Would I get one? Without a doubt but here's my dilemma: since the watch is no longer in production for such a long time, trying to find a NOS piece is next to impossible (I am not into used watches). The thought of searching and getting a pre-loved watch would give me too much stress and headache. As such, I have resigned to the fact that such a piece will never come to my possession.

Nevertheless, I am open to homages. A number of people frown on this because of the assumption that it is 'difficult' to differentiate between homages and replicas. In my view, it is not difficult to tell the difference.  A replica in the context of horology is a watch made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud. To me, if a brand makes a watch that “pays respect” to another watch by using elements of its design or style without stealing any intellectual property rights, it is fine with me. This is where Athaya Vintage comes into the picture.

Athaya Vintage is an Indonesian company created in 2014 from a dream by a true watch enthusiast. Operating out of the city of Medan on the island of Sumatra, Indonesian (, the owner, Mr. Adrian has already created two homages with limited production runs. His second homage is the focus of my interest as it is a homage based on the legendary Seiko 6105 diver.

This particular model offered by Athaya Vintage has four options with impressive build specifications and priced at just USD350 (add US25 for a secured courier service under the EMS Postal service). After going through the website I decided to choose the black sunburst dial, insert and rubber strap without date window version. After completing the necessary paperwork and 8 days later, the package was on my desk.

After taking off the standard plastic carrying pouch of the courier, you will find a simple white cardboard box with dimensions of 11 cm x 21 cm x 4 cm. Honestly, I didn't expect to get the watch that fast. In fact, what I expected was an invoice to pay the necessary GST tax before customs would release the package. I noticed that Athaya Vintage put a value of USD45 on the manifest with a simple description of the item as "Watch Parts". This could be the reason why customs didn't inspect the package. Although I was thankful I didn't get taxed, such under-declaration may work against the buyer if there is a problem with the delivery. From the courier's perspective, its liability is only USD45 and not USD375 (inclusive of postage). If given the option, I would have insisted Athaya Vintage  declare the full value. I may be taxed, but it still gives me comfort that the US25 I paid for the courier service also protects me from the possibility of a full loss of the item in transit.

The watch box by Athaya Vintage is just exquisite. All leather construction with a zip running along the side of the rectangle, it has a lot of useful spaces to keep many things. In fact, it is more of a traveling watch case. Handsomely made with nice evenly stitching with an inner suede lining that is soft to the touch. The actual watch is tucked nicely in its own slot just below the brown suede flap seen in the photo on the right (above).

The watch casing is made out of 316L stainless steel alloy. Brushed finished, it is 44.3 mm wide and 48.0 mm from lug to lug. Its thickness is 13.5 mm with a lug size of 20 mm. The bezel is also made out the same stainless steel alloy and rotates uni-directionally with 120 clicks for one complete rotation.

This watch is called Lamafa by Athaya Vintage. The name Lamafa refers to traditional whalers from the eastern part of Indonesia.

As I have never owned an original Seiko 6105 or even seen one in the flesh before, it was hard for me to gauge the extent of the similarities between the original and this homage. However, some obvious physical differences can clearly be seen. Some of the key differences are:

  • Date window: The 6105 has a date window at the 3 o'clock position. The Lamafa has two variants, with or without date window. The variant with the date window has it set at 4 o'clock.
  • Markers: The 6105 has square markers. The Lamafa has rounded and triangle markers.
  • Crown lock: The 6105 has a bayonet lock system. The Lamafa has a screw-down system.
  • Dimensions: The 6105 is 44 mm wide by 47 mm long with 19 mm lugs. The Lamafa is 44.3 mm wide by 48.0 mm long with 20.0 mm lugs.
  • Crown rotation: The 6105 takes 60-click increments for one rotation. The Lamafa takes 120-click increments for one rotation.
  • Water resistant: The 6105 is capable of 150 meters water resistance. The Lamafa is capable of 200 meters water resistance.
  • Hands: The 6105 has straight hands with an additional orange lume on the seconds-hand. The Lamafa has sword-like hands. There is no additional colored lume.
  • Dial and case-back graphics: Both have different fonts and logos.
  • Rubber strap: Unique styles on both models.

I have to salute Athaya Vintage for making the decision to honour the Seiko 6105 with such a homage without blatantly copying almost everything. This shows maturity and an acute understanding what are the key ingredients that makes a Seiko 6105 iconic. 

The Lamafa's dial is stated to be black with a sunburst design. It is only from very close inspection would you be able to see the sunburst effect on the dial. Apart from the obvious brand logo, model name, movement type and water resistant level, you will find the model reference and the caliber number in micro-print straddling the 6 o'clock marker.

The luminous paint used on the markers, hands and bezel pip on the Lamafa is the Swiss C1 Superluminova paint. It glows green in the dark (see photo on the right).

Like the Seiko 6105, the luminous part of the markers are surrounded by stainless steel. There is also a polished bare metal chapter ring that gives a perception of depth to the dial. Apart from the main hour markers, there are minute markers along the edge of the dial.  

From a physical appearance, the bezel looks similar to the Seiko 6105 with the Arabic numbers (font) and marker combination, the coin edge  as well as the lumed bezel pip at 12 o'clock. Nevertheless, as highlighted earlier, the Lamafa is more precise than the original, able to move at a more tighter increments of 120-click compared to just 60-clicks for the Seiko 6105.

Another aspect of Lamafa's specification which is hard to see is the glass covering the dial. It is stated to be a domed sapphire crystal with colorless AR coating. The original Seiko 6105 has a double domed Hardlex crystal which is obvious to the eye. However, to really see the curvature on the Lamafa, you need to get up close and with the watch face in horizontal alignment. Nevertheless, I am happy that the watch is protected with sapphire crystal which gives the watch that additional premium.


The side profile of the watch shows the cushion shape design as well as the level of polishing on its surface. On the right side of the watch, you will see the unique crown guard that tightly surrounds the crown in the screw-down position. The micro-shot that I took of the crown guard also shows the quality of polishing which is not that great.

The crown design is similar to the Seiko 6105 in terms of the gear-like groves on the side. The top of the crown is etched with Athaya Vintage's logo whereas on the Seiko 6105 is an instruction to engage the crown locking mechanism. As highlighted earlier, the crown on the Lamafa is a screw-down with a triple o-ring protection whereas the Seiko 6105 uses a bayonet locking mechanism.

Under the solid screw-down case-back beats the Seiko Instrument Automatic NH35A movement (or SII NH35A). A 24 jewel automatic movement with hand-winding and hacking capabilities, this caliber is similar to Seiko's 4R36 movement but without the necessary embellishment. It operates in the 21,600 BPH range with 41 hours of reserve power in its mainspring. It has a date complication but in this model of the Lamafa, the date is covered by the dial. As such, the crown has 4 positions: (1) lock-down, (2) unscrewed position - for hand-winding, (3) one notch out - adjust the date which cannot be seen in this particular model, and (4) two notches out - adjust the time. For more information about the movement please refer to the end of the document.

Athaya Vintage created four different versions of the Lamafa. Black dial versions with or without date and blue dial versions with or without date. Production run limited to 500 examples. For both the black and blue versions with no date, the case-back has the etchings as shown above. For the other two versions, their case-back has the etching of just (bigger) the jumping whaler. The particular unit that I got has the number 136/500.

One important information apart from the manufacturer's name, model number, material type and movement is the 200 meter water resistant notation. Looking at the watch and referring to the specifications of the watch, I would say that this watch conforms to the ISO 6425 dive watch international standard. For more information about the international standard please refer to the end of the document.

The rubber strap that came with the watch is long enough for divers to use with diving suits. It is thick and relatively supple. The upper side of the traps has four rows of small pyramids raised along the strap for grip whereas the underside of the band is smooth with one row of pyramid shaped (larger than the opposite side) indentation along the strap. At the end of one side of the strap is a brushed diver style buckle.The buckle is clean without any markings.

Compared to my experience with other rubble straps from Seiko, Orient, Lum-Tec, Ocean7, Bell & Ross, Laco 1925 and Citizen, this particular example appears not to be the same level of quality as the rest. It feels cheap. The rubber is tight going through the buckle and strap guides. However, I was made to understand from another review that this is the style and quality of rubber straps back in the 1970s. For some, this would be an excellent justification for keeping it as authentic as possible. However, from my perspective, we shouldn't disregard new technologies and materials for a homage. What is important is that we only take what makes it iconic. Everything else can be new.

The watch sits well on my 7.5 inch wrist. The strap has a good grip on skin and it doesn't wobble much even if you decide to strap it on loosely. It has a nice weight to it and despite the relatively large width of this watch, the cushion shaped casing cleverly hides this. In fact, the cushion shaped casing creates an interesting point of reference for observers and this gives it the wrist presence.

From a value-for-money argument, this watch wins. The current MSRP price is very affordable. Coupled with the fact that the movement is also from the Seiko group makes it even more desirable.

Complete source : Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Diver Watch - A homage with an iconic DNA, A Review

[REVIEW] Athaya Vintage Lamafa Av002 Diver Sort of Review June 11 2015, 0 Comments

By: Rod
Photo credit: Rod

Howdy Watchfreeks !
Its that weird Uncle Rod again, you know, the really odd tall guy that uses way too much lighter fluid to start the family cook out grill. All the kids secretly think I am cool because I am just too weird.
Anyhow, I have been working hard as of late, with not much time or goodness for myself to be had. So I bought myself a present. It's a Athaya Vintage "Lamafa" divers watch. I did a search on Watchfreeks, and found that only Athaya's first watch was reviewed, not this second creation. So here is sort of a mini review.

I had a Seiko 6105-8110. I found it in a thrift shop, and bought it for 35 bucks {yep, I was a lucky son of a gun!}.I loved that watch. It felt right on the wrist, it had a big watch feel, and it was less than 48mm wide. I loved the asymetrical case with its huge crown protector. But on the down side, the movements are RARE. Yes, you can get parts from other movements. But the main issue I had with my beloved 8110 is that the main plate was worn where the mainspring barrel sits, and where the great wheel rides.Both areas will wear because they are un jeweled. So it caused timing issues. So I ended up selling my Seiko 6105-8110 for a thousand bucks.

So I wanted to treat myself. I made nice cash ! I started looking into 6105-8110 look alikes and tribute watches. The best I had found was Dagaz/10watches Typhoon, but that was pretty expensive. Probably worth it, but I didn't want to spend it. Then I found Athaya Vintage Lamafa watches.

They were $384.00 on Ebay. With buyer protection, and 14 day money back guarantee. The seller has 100 percent good references. And he has his own website that accepts Paypal.
The down side to buying him compared to 10watches stuff, is he is in Indonesia. They ship with Airmail, and it takes a while, about 4 more days on average than shipping from 10watches web store.
Here is what I got after 2 weeks.

Yep, at first glance the box was fairly small, and pretty beat up. I was scared for my new diver watch !
But I opened it up anyhow. Luckily everything inside was much better than the outer box.

The Lamafa watch comes with its own leather zip up watch case. The leather case looks pretty well hand crafted. Nice quality. Soft leather and a nice brown micro suede. The watch itself was tucked into a pocket made for holding the watch, secured with a snap on lanyard. The watch was wrapped with a very thick type of plastic. The watch was running as soon as I removed it from the case.

The watch case looks like it will hold many big and small tools for watch band replacements or other watch related stuff. There are a few leather rings sewn into the case that look like they were meant for carrying full sized cigars. I was pretty impressed with the softness and the thickness of the case overall. And it has a nice leather smell to it.

And the watch....
Man its beautiful ! It feels like the original Seiko 6105-8110. It has similar heft , size, weight, and over all "instrument" feel that the 8110 did. Obviously Athaya could not reproduce the watch exactly, and they didn't try to. The dial is different, it maybe has a slight suggestion of Seiko origins, but its perfectly its own creation. I will say the watch lacks the original Seiko's finish, in that the Lamafa is slightly more polished and better finished. The original had more rounded softer edges. It felt more used, even when near new. The Lamafa has crisp edges {not sharp edges mind you }, and the brushed steel on the top of the watch is precise, while the polished mirror finish to the case back is lovely.

The dial is advertised as being a sun ray finish black. You have the choice of black dial and accents or blue dial and accents. With date or no date. I chose black with date. The dial looks to me like a black semi gloss finish. Its slightly a flat finish, not a chalk black light sucking black like the Seiko 8110. The indices are chromed lined on the dial, with the date at 4 O'clock.

As you can see the bezel looks similar to the 8110, but again, its not the same. The bezel is unidirectional, with 120 precise clicks. The bezel ring does have a lumed pearl pip at 12 O'clock. The bezel much to my relief, is precisely aligned with the dial indices. Sometimes Seikos have had the issue with mis alignment. It drives me nuts.

The crystal is nice looking. But it is one of the few issues I have with the Lamafa. The crystal lacks the domed thick glass look the 6105-8110 diver has. The 8110 crystal is almost 4 mm tall, and has that cut glass look that real thick divers watches have. But it is a small gripe. Otherwise, the crystal is nice, it is sapphire, with inner colorless AR coating. It sits level with the bezel.

The watch is all stainless steel. And it looks to be a good quality stainless. Since there are only 500 watches made of each type, you can be fairly sure that each watch was fairly well quality checked. As I mentioned earlier, the watch has a nice brushed steel finish top, with a mirror polished underside. Much like the 8110, but the Lamafa lacks the beveled separation lines that divide the mirror polish from the brushed steel .Its one of the things you check when you buy a used Seiko 8110, as many Philippine watch makes love to blur and buff those lines out.

The case back is interesting. It simply states Athaya Vintage,stainless steel, automatic , and 200meters. In the middle of the case back , it has a engraved likeness of a Lamafa fisherman and a whale. I rather hope they don't hunt humpback whales, and I rather doubt they do judging by known size of a humpback whale compared to a single human with a spear. The case back is a notch screw down divers type case back.

The band is very nice. I was skeptical of it when I ordered the watch. Thinking I would have to buy a steel bracelet or Nato band for it. But the resin band is very good. Its thick, but supple. Its not grippy like silicone bands and many rubber bands are. The underside of the band is smooth with waffle like indentations on it, that vent heat and sweat. The band looks a lot like the original tropical divers watch bands you see from the 1970's. And best of all, it fits me! I have a huge wrist, and looks to fit up to about 9.5 inch wrists ! The color of mine is black, and blue colored bands of this type come with the blue dialed version of this watch.

The dial, hands , and pip are lumped with swiss c1 super lumina lume. It seems to glow strongly, and will check this later tonight.

The movement is a NH35a Seiko movement. I got the watch mainly for this movement. I want the watch to last as long if not longer than a 6105 movement. With the NH35a having 24 jewels, it should last that long.

The movement works great , and is keeping time fine. The seconds hand is fairly smooth sweeping, with no stutter or other issues. I can feel the watch winding, which is common for many Seiko watch movements. The 6105-8110 would vibrate and "ring" with the winding of the mainspring. If you weren't familiar with it, it might scare you. The Lamafa has minimal vibrations and sounds of winding thankfully.

The crown on the Lamafa looks just like the original Seiko 6105-8110 crown from the top, but has a AV logo on its head. That, and the crown is screw down, unlike the original that was press in and twist until it locked into place on a stud. The Lamafa has a better, safer, water resistance because of it.

To go on , the movement is hackable {the seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled into set position, allowing accurate time setting}. This movement also hand winds as well as auto winds. And it has a quick set feature for setting the date. This is my 4th watch with this movement. Love them !
So , over all I think this watch is a worthy watch to own.
It LOOKS like a vintage Seiko enough to satisfy that itch. But it has all the aspects of a modern day Seiko, which are built better, and have a better chance of surviving the years. Its about 1/3rd the price of a standard 6105-8110 you get from the Philippines.

It feels good on the wrist. Its hefty with out being too much. People that know watches will do a double take when they catch sight of it. Heres the stats for the watch.

I hope you all enjoyed the read. Just thought I would share a seldom seen watch.

Watch Specifications :
Watch Code Name : Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa Diver Watch
Quantity : Limited 500 pieces only (Serial number 001/500 - 500/500)
Case Material & Finishing : SS 316L, Brushed.
Case Dimension : +/- width 44.30 x Lug to Lug tip 48.00 x Total Thickness including glass 13.50
Lug size : 20mm
Glass : Domed Sapphire with Colorless AR Coating.
Bezel : SS 316L, 120 clicks, Unidirectional.
Crown : SS 316L, Screw down Triple o-ring with AV Logo.
Caseback : SS 316L, Screw down with engraved design and AV Logo.
Movement : Seiko Instrument Automatic NH35A Hacked second.
Strap : Rubber Strap with length 140/80 and brushed diver style buckle.
Water Resistant : 200 meter
Dial : Available in Blue & Black sunburst with AV Lamafa design
Hands : Silver AV Lamafa design
Luminova : Swiss C1 Superluminova on Dial, Hands and Bezel pip.
Packaging : Athaya Vintage Handmade leather travel case.

Watch available in 4 models :

Black insert, Black sunburst dial with Date and Black rubber strap, Lamafa + Whale caseback engraving.
Black insert, Black sunburst dial without Date and Black rubber strap, Lamafa + Whale caseback engraving.
Blue insert, Blue sunburst dial with Date and Blue rubber strap, Lamafa caseback engraving.
Blue insert, Blue sunburst dial without Date and Blue rubber strap, Lamafa caseback engraving.


Complete source : Athaya Vintage Lamafa Av002 Diver Sort of review

Athaya Vintage AV002 - Lamafa Diver Watch Pre-Order January 04 2015, 2 Comments

We proudly announce that the Athaya Vintage AV002 - Lamafa Diver Watch prototype has finished, and now we are opening Pre-Order Sales Limited to first 100pcs only.

The pre-order price has 10% discount from normal price. The Normal price will be $350 and by following this pre-order you will only need to pay for $315 to get this beautiful watch. Pre-order will be open until mass production finished and after that the price will be set to normal price which is $350.

More info about AV002 Lamafa diver Watch can be found here :

So get your order while they still available...


Vintage Pilot Watch Strap by SamstrapS December 09 2014, 2 Comments

Beautiful Vintage Pilot Watch Strap by SamstrapS...

Athaya Vintage "Lamafa" 200m Diver Watch November 11 2014, 2 Comments

We are currently working on releasing our 2nd watch project. We call it as Athaya Vintage AV002 "Lamafa" Diver Watch.

Watch Specs plan :
- Case Material & Finishing : SS 316L, Brushed.
- Case Dimension : +/- width 44.30 x Lug to Lug tip 48.00 x Total Thickness including glass 13.50

- Lug size : 20mm
- Glass : Domed Sapphire with AR Coating.
- Bezel : SS 316L, 120 clicks, Unidirectional.
- Crown : SS 316L, Screw down Triple o-ring with AV Logo.
- Caseback : SS 316L, Screw down with engraved design and AV Logo.
- Movement : Seiko Instrument Automatic NH35A Hacked second.
- Strap : Rubber Strap
- Water Resistant : 200 meter
- Dial : Blue/Black sunburst with AV Lamafa design
- Hands : silver AV Lamafa design
- Luminova : C3 Superluminova on Dial, Hands and Bezel pip.

Available in 4 Color and Model :
1. Blue insert with Blue sunburst dial with Date.
2. Blue insert with Blue sunburst dial without Date.
3. Black insert with Blacksunburst dial with Date.
4. Blackinsert with Blacksunburst dial without Date.

Schedule Plan :
- Case drawing and rendering ETA finish this October 2014. (Finished)
- Prototyping will run after all drawing oke, ETA finish at the end of November or Early December.
- Mass Production and available in market will be ready ETA early 2015.


And here is some initial drawing for it, will udpate for some 3D drawing as soon as its ready.




Thank you very much for visitting and your support.



Adrian @Athaya


[NEWS] Celebrating Holy month in Indonesia August 02 2014, 0 Comments

Dear customers,

From 26 July - 6 August, there will be a holy month celebration here in Indonesia, so it is a public holiday during this time. Every order taken on this date will has a bit shipping delay and all orders will be shipped on 7 August 2014.

Thank u very much for your support and sorry for this inconveniences.



Athaya Vintage